Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Shot Film "Bola and Salah" 2017

I really don't know where to start to talk about this video of us, me and my beautiful wife. It was our day off from work so I thought it will be great if we do something together as for fun you know as we already know that  I enjoying shooting video or editing and stuff, so I thought of making a shot film of us where she is teaching me how to cook and for a straight shot the entire video but we didn't and we still got some out of it. So this video I made with my wife - I didn't actually take my time of editing and coloring just to let you keep that in your mind but hopefully, next time, we might do well with our next movie with something very, just say something you will be like what?

We, thank you for taking your  time of watching this video and please do leave your options about what you think and any idea you would like to share with us.

Thank you again.

Love Bola & Salah.

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