Saturday, September 30, 2017

How was my arrival in Syracuse, NY?

How was my arrival in Syracuse, NY?  

I have asked that question every morning since I have arrival in Syracuse, NY but never got to answer to myself. I was always afraid what the answer might be. Nevertheless, I want to know the answer and share with the world at the same time.
First, I left Seattle, WA on the 09/26/2017 around 11PM at night with the JetBlue aircraft. It was about 11 hours flying from  Seattle to Syracuse. I will miss everyone I left behind. 

Secondly, I have arrival in Syracuse on the second the day; 09/27/2017. I was like yeah finally I'm here, babe wait for a few minutes "I will be there no time" I even forgot to say if Allah say so. I was so just missing her so very much. Anyways, I got here around 11:30 AM in the morning "Syracuse, New York" Where I'm gonna see the family on during the daylight, kind it like it though. 
So, I got here during the day time with early it morning with a beautiful smile from my beautiful wife, the  drive parking the car upfront the house where everyone waiting my arrive. I get down from the car and started unloading my stuffs from the car and the rest you already know. 

Wife fed me the food she hasn't me fed me for while with her beautiful hands, while she is siting next to me. After I have ate the food and everything else, at the same time, at the same day I have I arrive took out my wife to the movie to see the new movie called "Spyder" at Regal Destiny USA Stadium 19 IMAX & RPX, we went to see the movie around 10 PM at night we get back from it around 1AM at night. Following the days til now, I'm just trying to learn the place and you know since I'm new in Syracuse, I got to learn everything I can while I can before its too late. Finally, I can answer the question now, how was my arrival in Syracuse, NY? Life takes you anywhere you wish to be at but Allahumdulilah, my arriving in Syracuse was great, I didn't had any trouble on the way getting here from Seattle. I just met my beautiful wife and the rest of the family, I have not met anyone else yet so far. So thanks to Allah swt for bring me here safe and sound. From here on, its actually  up to Allah. Thank you.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why did I start to do this now?

I was 16 years old when I first time interested to do online’s thing like online business or just sit on my computer for a few hours and while I’m sleeping on my bed money comes in to my bank account without working so hard. I tried a lot of different things to get where I wanted to get but never success even though I never did looked back but looking forward and keep on trying to success.
In 2008 and through 2010, I tried to create a social network called where I so badly wanted to bring all of my community people (Somali Bantu) into one single place where they could meet, chat, share their story, photos and video but that also failed me, I didn’t success either because someone else got jealous of what I was doing so he rude everything. He hacked my domain name at where I host my website and also hacked my email address. I tried my best to get back my domain name and took me almost 2 years but never got back my email.
In 2012, I started it to look into Wedding Videographer and see what I can do better even though I and myself know that I love doing video. I changed my YouTube's channel” name to WECVP Studio and than Weliyo Studio after awhile but that also didn’t get me nowhere. I did a lot research just to find something that I really want to do and I want to success by doing what I do in my daily life.
So why did I start to do this now?
Because I’m tired of trying a lot of things which it never gonna take me nowhere at all so why waste the time? why not to start something new, something different. Just last night, I was awaken all night until 5 AM in the morning – I was been just researching to see what is better thing to do and earn money at the same time and that I’m gonna success in the future. I watched a lot of YouTube video from different people about VJ, and a reporter. I finally told myself that I’m gonna do both, a reporter and also VJ. VJ means Video Journalist. This is reason why I start to do this now so I can become a reporter and video journalist from now and looking forward too.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Shot Film "Bola and Salah" 2017

I really don't know where to start to talk about this video of us, me and my beautiful wife. It was our day off from work so I thought it will be great if we do something together as for fun you know as we already know that  I enjoying shooting video or editing and stuff, so I thought of making a shot film of us where she is teaching me how to cook and for a straight shot the entire video but we didn't and we still got some out of it. So this video I made with my wife - I didn't actually take my time of editing and coloring just to let you keep that in your mind but hopefully, next time, we might do well with our next movie with something very, just say something you will be like what?

We, thank you for taking your  time of watching this video and please do leave your options about what you think and any idea you would like to share with us.

Thank you again.

Love Bola & Salah.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

How was the last couple months and the Ramadan?

Dear friends and family, this question is basic on asking myself how things went the last couple months and how is the Ramadan going with me so far. Life is hard sometimes, like really hard but thanks to Allah (s.w.t.) everything well with me and with my beautiful wife. It was hard for us to feel the pain of losing your closer love's one and how it actually hurt within you and seeing your life partner going some hard time and there is nothing you can't do about it cry inside your stomach.

Allahamdulilah, we thanks to Allah (s.w.t.) for everything, He "Allah" is the one who gave and taken away" and we wait from him "Allah" to give me us again whenever he "Allah" wants too. Beside how hard the couple months went by, we are still strong and dealing with everyday life and Allahamdulilah again, we are doing great with that.

The Ramadan, I "Salah" doing very good this Ramadan, Allahamulilah or should I say, MashAllah? We are almost there to end of Ramadan. The Eid is here. The 25th of July, 2017.

Thank you everyone, I just want to share that with the friends and family.
Thank you again, and see you next time.
Love Salah.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bola & Salah (Quality Time)

In April, the day my lady  had a doctor appointment, we had time before her appointment so we went out to eat lunch. We had to walk about 20 minutes to get where we wanted to go and it was a little exercise for her. It was fun and a great day for both of us. I'm really happy to have her in my life. Thank to Allah (s.w.t) for bring this young women into my life. I'm really thankful for it.
In this day, it was just a few days ago where she said I need to take a walk at somewhere at the lake or somewhere where I can smell some water. So I took to this beautiful place called Angel Lake.We walked around and took some beautiful pictures to share with you all.
It was a moment where we were just spending some quality time together.
I took this beautiful photo of her standing in the circle. Is it beautiful? LOL just asking.
That is me, Salah doing some crazy stuff that I have never done for a while. But to be honest, I had fun with my wife this day itself. It was a beautiful day where  I was off from work and just took my wife out to have fun. By the way, she took this picture of me and also the second one below.

 I'm a man who is really appreciate everything with my life.
I took this picture of her. Just her, siting and relaxing it.
Same as her, just relaxing too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why do I feel pain about the past? Basic on true feeling/story.

Sometime when I closed my eyes, I see a lot of a different views of my very own life and can't do much about it to stop what I seeing when I closed my eyes. So, once it again, WHY DO I FEEL PAIN ABOUT THE PAST? At this very moment, there is no answer but I will get you there, to understand the pain and also feel it too. My life was perfect back in 2004 to through 2008 while I was still a young boy who was going school, Studying how to read, to write, and to speak. Since I graduated from High School in 2009, (slowing) my life went upside down with no reason but things changed. I caught up in the middle of love story, started struggling what to do with my life like go to college, or start work, or what? The struggling didn't stopped until I started going to Everest College in Renton, WA for Medical Assistant.

Even though, I went to college for a year, my life was never getting a better statues about how it was going forward. After college, I ended up nowhere to go because of the love story - the love story is back and started drama. I hate to say this but its being honest, I really fall in love and did my best to fight for it but it never get nowhere but yes, the pain started from there. Lost the first love of my life (grandma) my mother who raised me since a baby than lost the second love of my life (who I thought she was my soulmate but I was wrong).

So, the pain started to haunt me because of what? the love of your mother? or the love of your ex-girlfriend? But still don't know the answer WHY I DO FEEL PAIN ABOUT THE PAST? the answer is hiding somewhere, I will get it for you.

After 4 to 5 years later, I finally found my soulmate, my true love, my everything and who can also give me  both love I was looking for. I dated her almost for two years and then we got married and now we are happy couple that lives their own place. I love her always and forever. She changed me, and everything else about me. Actually, my entire world.

Finally, I get back to WHY DO I FEEL PAIN ABOUT THE PAST? Someone said "Dream a better dream" I don't remember who I heard from but it's true and I believe it. The reason why I feel pain about the past is because I'm missing my mother (grandma), When I gave a thought of everything, where I'm now from the past, how my life changed, and the present of my life, all of that seem nothing with my mother (grandman). But thanks to Allah, I'm thankful for everything she done for me, for raising me up, for making me the person I am today. I thank you her more than ever, I love you mother so very much (grandma).

Thank you,
Salah Weliyo.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

What Am I Feeling Now?

What am I feeling now is actually a really great question to ask yourself and revealing the feeling you're hiding behind your look or say like the feeling you're hiding behind your eyes. Even though you don't never wanted to share with the world but finally you have asked the question to yourself where you have the chance to answer and share with the world wide.

So, I'll ask again "What Am I Feeling Now?" I, myself and me "Salah J Weliyo", feeling great as a happy person who complete feeling 100% happy with his lovely life with the love of his life "Bola Hassan", who joined to share a life with me in November 2016. I'm feeling very happy now and right now and always will feel happy.

Thank you,
Salah Weliyo.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bola and Salah's Finally Their Own Website.

Click Me to go our website that call and thank you for your visiting this website.
Come back again and hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Famo And Abdikadir Wedding Seattle

This is the first video that has been upload this year so far within today. The wedding video is a old wedding video about 7 years from now. Keep eyes on here more video on the way.