Thursday, November 24, 2016

The truth hurt, but the lie doesn't

Finally, it hurt you what I wrote about your wedding but you didn't had to do what you just did. if you had to say something, you were suppose to come or inbox me straight to me instead of going off commenting the article I posted on FaceBook. I'm not a drama person but this website its about the truth, nothing but the truth. I know the truth hurt but the lie doesn't that is the reason why I started this website - to discover the truth about anything, it's doesn't matter what it is and share with the world-wide.

The last wedding video I did's article is the truth about what is happening to your wedding video, why isn't coming out? what is going on with your wedding? People need to know the answer of those questions had been ask about it. Salah Weliyo dot com is about where I'm going from now on.
Don't start a drama that you can't win even though I won't gonna go against your drama but still don't.

I read, and read over and over again about what you commented on the article of the last wedding video I did. It didn't hurt me at all because I know what I did was right and what you just did was wrong and I have nothing to do with it. To me, its like you are just entertaining the reader which I would love to see.

If you have something for me, a story to share with me, let me know I'm here to listen but no drama only a story. I'm here to report your story.


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