Friday, November 25, 2016

Nolishidey - My Life - Basic On True Story

This is a love story called my life in English and in af maimai Nolishidey. “The love of my life, “Farhiyo Farah” and I, myself Ali Mohamed. Our story is very long and it’s basically about my truth love story from the start to end of my life. In this story, there are many characters which you might end up knowing them so here is the part one of the story - THE BREAKING UP -.
Part one the break up:
The story started Ali Mohamed with Halima Said having conversation at school in the library. Just the two of them alone sitting next to each other’s desk on a chair. Ali will start the conversation. "Hi honey how are you?” "Umm, I am sort of okay." "So, what is up honey, why did you say meet me at this is boring place? Is everything okay?" "First of all, you have to stop calling me honey." "Okay, how about abaay Halima." "No, Halima is fine.” Halima was wearing yellow skirt, yellow teen top and black scarf with a black leather jacket. Halima was nervous didn't know how to break the bad news to him. She has never broken someone's heart before. She practiced a lot with her little brother, before she came to meet him and although, she even practiced at the school’s mirror, she hopes it goes well. "Ali, this is the hardest thing I had to do; also it is breaking my heart too." “I loved you before like crazy and I used to run after you but I am sorry I don't have the same feelings that I used to have for you, now I am running after another guy. You have to let me go so I can live with my life." Said “Halima. Ali was in shock, he didn't knows what to say or do. When he finally thought he found the love of his life; now she is sitting by his side and breaking his heart. He thought he came to the library to help her with her homework; instead she is breaking up with him. Who breaks up in the library? He wanted to show some emotional but he is in the library. “Be a man.”
"Hello, Ali you there, you were gone like two minutes.” "No, I am still here but shock.” "Why are you doing this Halima, I thought we were prefect for each other.” “I thought we were too but I can't be with someone I don't love. I know you are hurting now but you will be fine. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell the second thing, you have to promise me that whatever it’s you will do it. Promise me that you will do it. I want you to say Wallahi I will do it. " Ali was burning inside like he touched a hot stove. “Huh wait, what! She just broke up with me and now she wants me to keep a promise. I have to tell her I can’t keep a promise, plus I am not good at it.” Said “Ali Mohamed” “Ali, I know that you are in a shock, if you want me to be happy; say I promise.” "I promise that I will do, whatever it is.” "Okay here it goes, there's a girl she is my friend but she’s like a sister to me. Her name is Farhiyo, so she is so crazy in love with you since she lay an eye on you. And I want you to do something about it. " “Wait, wait, wait! what? You just broke up with me just now, and now you are hooking me up with your friend? Is that why you broke up with me because of your friend is crazy about me but why?” "I told you before I don’t have any feelings towards you anymore, I hope we can still be good friends. Oh, one more thing, here her number and one last thing, she doesn't know that me and you were together, so don't tell her. If she ask just say we're close friends. I don't want to lose her.
Story wrote by: BFF K
Released By:
Salah Weliyio

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