Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nolishidey - My Life - Basic On True Story Part 2- Getting in touch with Farhiyo Farah

Ali always wondered why he likes to take the bus instead of driving home. Oh yeah because he hates driving all the time, he thinks taking the bus is much better if you are not going anywhere that is really very important. He likes taking bus 7 it drops him of next to the library and two blocks away from his house. Plus the library don’t have enough parking - if he drives to the library he has to park three to four blocks away from the library. He closed his eyes for a while, just to review what happened this afternoon, oh yeah, he just got dump in the library and agreed to go out with her friend. And the worst part is he has to keep it as a secret that he and Halima went out. This is crazy. He went into deep thoughts again and wondered how girl it is, how will she be like. Her looks, and her voice, and also if she is attractive, her personality, her attitude, what are her parents like and etc. A strong voice called for him. "Y'o Ali Ali" "Yes Abaay Halima" "What, I ain’t Halima" the bus driver said. He opened his eyes it was his friend Ibrahim. "What is up Ibrahim? Thanks, I almost missed my stop." "Yeah I can see that, you were in deep thoughts, call me later. Anyway get off the bus time is money" "Okay bye, thanks again.” Ali lives in a house with his dad and step mom and brothers and sisters in a four bedrooms and two bathrooms. His mother passed away when he was a baby and he's the only child from his mom side. Mostly his grandmother raised him, she was a like a mother to him until she passed away. A voice called out to him: “Hey son how was school, and did you finish your homework?" How can't he, he couldn't even focus on his homework. After Halima left him, he was at the library for 3 more hours he started to do his homework then he forgot. Now he remembers that he had essay to write for his English class. "School is going great and yes I am done with my homework.” Ali ate dinner with his family and waited until everyone go to sleep so he can call Halima’s friend. She told him to start calling her by tonight. Meanwhile, while he was waiting everyone to go to sleep he did some of his homework. Around 11:30pm he picked the home phone and start to dial the girl phone. He hoped it was her cell phone. It rang four times then someone answered. "Hello, hi Farhiyo." A woman started yelling. “I am not Farhiyo, I am here mom, and who are you? Why are you calling at this hour and why are you calling my daughter at this hour for.? Ali didn't know what to say, he can't say I want to talk to your daughter so we can get to know each other. The mom will trip, so he lied. “My name is Ali, Farhiyo and I go to the same school so I was doing my homework and I got struck on one problem. I’m calling to see if she can help me." "Uh huh, I wasn't born yesterday and I am not buying your story if you call at this time again this number I will call the police on you and I will call your parents.” she hung up the phone. "Abaay, Abaay I want to go pee. Get up" she’s still sleeping, the little girl got a pillow started hitting her sister, her sister still sleeping. This time she took a water and splashed on her face. “I am up Habiba Farah and don't even do that again.” “I know abaay farhiyo but I’m about to pee and remember last time what happen? I peed on the bed.” “I know and don't remind me.” Last time, her 6 years old sister peed on the bed her mom was yelling at her like she peed on the bed. She was yelling about 15 minutes, while her cleaning the sheets and the bed. She hates waking up in the middle of the night especially when she's dreaming about him. She met him few times but never got the courage to talk to him. She always gets nervous around him and too shy to say hi to him. When her friend Halima says let hang out with him she makes lame excuses. He is tall, light skinned, gorgeously good looking. Then a small voice interrupted, " Abaay abaay I am done, can we go back to our room.” She even forgot she was in the bathroom. "Yes." Meanwhile, on their way back to the room the home phone started ringing. "Abaay Farhiyo, who is calling at this time.” “I don't know, maybe Africa people I will go check and you go to sleep.” “But abaay mama always says never to answer the phone in the middle of the night.” “I know but it must be an important call, now go to the room I will be there soon okay honey. “Okay abaay." Farhiyo went to the living room to answer the phone, the living room looks so peace and she wishes it was peace day time, as soon as she entered the living room the phone stopped ringing. When she about to leave the phone started ringing again. Ali tried calling, Farhiyo number many times, but he hates giving up. He whispered and say” I am going to call her one more time.” He dial the number at the fourth rang someone answered. “Hello, hello who is this and why are you calling so many times, we can’t even sleep because of your calls.” “Sorry didn’t mean to wake anyone up, my name is Ali and who are you?” “I am Farhiyo.” “Hey Farhiyo, what is up.” “Oh nothing much, Ali who! What is your last name?” “I am Ali Mohamed, your friend Halima Said sent me.” Farhiyo was speech less didn’t know what to say. She went in deep thoughts, he’s calling me. Okay Farhiyo just be cool. “Hello Farhiyo, you there.” “Yeah, I am here; so you know my story.” “Yeah, I do, I was wondering if I can ask you few questions.” “Of course go head” “When did you start liking me and where did you see me at and why you never told me that you like me?” “Good questions, I started liking you more since I was kid, and I saw you many times back home when we were kids and now, in America. I saw you at two wedding. I wanted to talk to you but I was too shy.” “Oh I see, you seem nice and cool girl, forget about what’s in the past. Is it okay if we get to know each other?”

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nolishidey - My Life - Basic On True Story

This is a love story called my life in English and in af maimai Nolishidey. “The love of my life, “Farhiyo Farah” and I, myself Ali Mohamed. Our story is very long and it’s basically about my truth love story from the start to end of my life. In this story, there are many characters which you might end up knowing them so here is the part one of the story - THE BREAKING UP -.
Part one the break up:
The story started Ali Mohamed with Halima Said having conversation at school in the library. Just the two of them alone sitting next to each other’s desk on a chair. Ali will start the conversation. "Hi honey how are you?” "Umm, I am sort of okay." "So, what is up honey, why did you say meet me at this is boring place? Is everything okay?" "First of all, you have to stop calling me honey." "Okay, how about abaay Halima." "No, Halima is fine.” Halima was wearing yellow skirt, yellow teen top and black scarf with a black leather jacket. Halima was nervous didn't know how to break the bad news to him. She has never broken someone's heart before. She practiced a lot with her little brother, before she came to meet him and although, she even practiced at the school’s mirror, she hopes it goes well. "Ali, this is the hardest thing I had to do; also it is breaking my heart too." “I loved you before like crazy and I used to run after you but I am sorry I don't have the same feelings that I used to have for you, now I am running after another guy. You have to let me go so I can live with my life." Said “Halima. Ali was in shock, he didn't knows what to say or do. When he finally thought he found the love of his life; now she is sitting by his side and breaking his heart. He thought he came to the library to help her with her homework; instead she is breaking up with him. Who breaks up in the library? He wanted to show some emotional but he is in the library. “Be a man.”
"Hello, Ali you there, you were gone like two minutes.” "No, I am still here but shock.” "Why are you doing this Halima, I thought we were prefect for each other.” “I thought we were too but I can't be with someone I don't love. I know you are hurting now but you will be fine. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell the second thing, you have to promise me that whatever it’s you will do it. Promise me that you will do it. I want you to say Wallahi I will do it. " Ali was burning inside like he touched a hot stove. “Huh wait, what! She just broke up with me and now she wants me to keep a promise. I have to tell her I can’t keep a promise, plus I am not good at it.” Said “Ali Mohamed” “Ali, I know that you are in a shock, if you want me to be happy; say I promise.” "I promise that I will do, whatever it is.” "Okay here it goes, there's a girl she is my friend but she’s like a sister to me. Her name is Farhiyo, so she is so crazy in love with you since she lay an eye on you. And I want you to do something about it. " “Wait, wait, wait! what? You just broke up with me just now, and now you are hooking me up with your friend? Is that why you broke up with me because of your friend is crazy about me but why?” "I told you before I don’t have any feelings towards you anymore, I hope we can still be good friends. Oh, one more thing, here her number and one last thing, she doesn't know that me and you were together, so don't tell her. If she ask just say we're close friends. I don't want to lose her.
Story wrote by: BFF K
Released By:
Salah Weliyio

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The truth hurt, but the lie doesn't

Finally, it hurt you what I wrote about your wedding but you didn't had to do what you just did. if you had to say something, you were suppose to come or inbox me straight to me instead of going off commenting the article I posted on FaceBook. I'm not a drama person but this website its about the truth, nothing but the truth. I know the truth hurt but the lie doesn't that is the reason why I started this website - to discover the truth about anything, it's doesn't matter what it is and share with the world-wide.

The last wedding video I did's article is the truth about what is happening to your wedding video, why isn't coming out? what is going on with your wedding? People need to know the answer of those questions had been ask about it. Salah Weliyo dot com is about where I'm going from now on.
Don't start a drama that you can't win even though I won't gonna go against your drama but still don't.

I read, and read over and over again about what you commented on the article of the last wedding video I did. It didn't hurt me at all because I know what I did was right and what you just did was wrong and I have nothing to do with it. To me, its like you are just entertaining the reader which I would love to see.

If you have something for me, a story to share with me, let me know I'm here to listen but no drama only a story. I'm here to report your story.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why is the angel of death taking so damn long to take my soul out of this miserable world?

When we suffer every day from anything, it doesn't matter what it is but we are suffering every single day and we so tired suffering than we ask this ugly question; Why is the angel of death taking so damn long to take my soul out of this miserable world? Even though we know its the wrong to say but we still do say because we think its funny thing to say or to ask. Every day, we all do suffer but never ask the wrong question to Allah. We should thank Allah, say Alhumdulillah every time and in every situation.

“Say (O Muhammad PBUH): “Praise and thanks be to Allah, and peace be on His slaves whom He has chosen (for His Message)….” [Surah An-Naml 27: 59]

Don't blame on Allah when you are not seek happiness, if you are having a hard with your life just pray to Allah, and everything will be okay sooner or later.

“Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying), I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favors on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.” [Surah al-Baqarah 2: 152]

My point is don't say suck thing like why is the angel of death taking so damn long to take my soul out of this miserable world because it's like you hate your life and you just want to die. So please, if you are facing hard time with your life just pray to Allah and ask him to forgive you with whatever wrong or bad you did.

Why did I start to do this now?

I was 16 years old when I first time interested to do online’s thing like just sit on my computer for a few hours and while I’m sleeping on my bed money comes in to my bank account without work so hard. I tried a lot of different things to get where I wanted to get but never success even though I never did looked back but looking forward and keep trying to success.
In 2008 and through 2010, I tried to create a social networking called where I so badly wanted to bring all of my community people into 1 single place where they can meet, chat, share their story, photos and video but that also failed me, I didn’t success either because someone else got jealous of what I was doing so he ruin everything. He hacked my domain name at where I host my website and also hacked my email address. I tried my best to get back my domain name and took me almost 2 years but never got back my email.
In 2012, I started it to look into Wedding Videographer and see what I can do better even though I and myself know that I love doing video. I changed my YouTube's channel” name to WECVP Studio and than Weliyo Studio after awhile but that also didn’t get me nowhere. I did a lot research just to find something that I really want to do and I want to success by doing what I do in my daily life.

So why did I start to do this now?

Because I’m tired of trying a lot of things which it never gonna take me nowhere at all so why waste the time? why not to start something new, something different. Just last night, I was awaken all night until 5 AM in the morning – I was been just researching to see what is better thing to do and earn money at the same time and that I’m gonna success in the future. I watched a lot of YouTube video from different people about VJ, and a reporter. I finally told myself that I’m gonna do both, a reporter and also VJ. VJ means Video Journalist. This is reason why I start to do this now so I can become a reporter and video journalist from now and looking forward too.